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Rob Moore & Matt Davies OSS projects

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  1. Shape-shifting your forms experience in ASP.NET Core MVC

    C# 248 51

  2. Reliable NHibernate connection to SQL Azure using the Microsoft Transient Fault Handling library.

    C# 36 29

  3. The Grid control from updated for ASP.NET MVC5 and without dependencies.

    C# 30 11

  4. Automocking container for Autofac using NSubstitute

    C# 26 24

  5. Scalable, OctopusDeploy-powered webfarm using Windows Azure Web Roles.

    C# 26 8

  6. A PowerShell module that allows you to easily create a terse re-pave script for a Windows Machine making heavy use of Chocolatey.

    PowerShell 21 8


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