Lightweight toolbar for launching commonly used TortoiseGit functionality from within Visual Studio.
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This toolbar provides a launcher for functionality within TortoiseGit.

Installing the lightweight toolbar will allow access to these common source control functions from anywhere in Visual Studio, allowing you to quickly hit a shortcut or click a button to launch Commit, Push, Pull, Log, Resolve or Bash windows.

This toolbar simply launches TortoiseGit commands. Further integration with Git is not planned - for more complex usage scenarios you should take a look at the Visual Studio Tools for Git.

Installation instructions

  1. Install the VISX File
  2. You may need to manually enable the toolbar in Visual Studio: Views -> Toolbars -> TortoiseGit

Default shortcuts

You can opt into these default shortcuts by removing the default shortcut for CTRL+G (Go To Line).

To customise these shortcuts open up Tools -> Options -> Keyboard and show commands containing TortoiseGit.

Solution level shortcuts:

  • (G)it (B)ash - CTRL+G, B
  • (G)it Clea(n)up - CTRL+G, N
  • (G)it (C)ommit - CTRL+G, C
  • (G)it (F)etch - CTRL+G, F
  • (G)it (L)og - CTRL+G, L
  • (G)it (M)erge - CTRL+G, M
  • (G)it (P)ull - CTRL+G, P
  • (G)it P(u)sh - CTRL+G, U
  • (G)it (R)ebase - CTRL+G, R
  • (G)it (R)ebase-Con(t)inue - CTRL+G, T
  • (G)it R(e)solve - CTRL+G, E
  • (G)it Re(v)ert - CTRL+G, V
  • (G)it Stash-P(o)p - CTRL+G, O
  • (G)it Stash-S(a)ve - CTRL+G, A
  • (G)it Stash-L(i)st - CTRL+G, I
  • (G)it (S)witch - CTRL+G, S
  • (G)it S(y)nc - CTRL+S, Y

Currently opened file shortcuts:

  • (G)it File (L)og - CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G, L
  • (G)it File (B)lame - CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G, B
  • (G)it File (D)iff - CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G, D


By clicking the dropdown arrow next to the toolbar and selecting Add/Remove Buttons, you can check/uncheck different commands to create your own customised list. For example, if you rarely use the TortoiseGit rebase UI, you can easily hide it from the toolbar.