C# Client for the CoinPaprika API
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Coinpaprika API Client

Async C# Client for the CoinPaprika API.

CoinPaprika delivers full market data to the world of crypto: coin prices, volumes, market caps, ATHs, return rates and more.

Build status


CoinPaprika API Client is availabe on Nuget.


The library depends on JSON.net, which is just simply the best Json-library for .NET; It should get installed automatically (with the Nuget package), but depending on your project, you may have to install it manually via Nuget Package Manager/CLI.

This library is using .NET Standard 2.0, you can check compatibility of your project here.

Getting started

CoinpaprikaAPI.Client client = new CoinpaprikaAPI.Client();

Generic return type

All requests return a CoinPaprikaEntity with a generic type (TPaprikaEntity). The CoinPaprikaEntity provides these properties:

  • Value, based on the type specified by the API call
  • Raw (json value returned by the API)
  • Error, may be an HTTP-Error or an API-Error (check the ErrorMessage property for details)
  • RawError (json value of the Error property)

If the call was succesfull, Error is null and Value provides the returned data from the API.


Get global information
var globals = await client.GetClobalsAsync();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity of Type Global

Get all coins listed on Coinpaprika
var coins = await client.GetCoinsAsync();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity with a List of objects of Type CoinInfo

Get ticker information for all coins
var ticker = await client.GetTickerForAll();

returns CoinPaprikaEntity with a List of objects of Type TickerInfo

Get ticker information for specific coin
var id = "btc-bitcoin";
var ticker = await client.GetTickerForCoin(id);

returns single CoinPaprikaEntity of Type TickerInfo

Search for currencies/icos/people/exchanges/tags
var searchterms = "coin";
//passing in null searches all categories
var searchResult = await client.SearchAsync(searchTerms, 10, null);

returns CoinPaprikaEntity of Type SearchResult


CoinPaprika C# Client is availabe unter the MIT license, see also the LICENSE file.