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Commit: Added console weapon commands, added Machete, Cannon, Melee, Elephantgun #844

merged 8 commits into from Mar 12, 2012

5 participants

Tipaa commented Mar 7, 2012

Basics for a melee system, and two (somewhat whimsical) guns that could be niche weapons - Cannon is a bomb launcher, and elephant gun is great for the pharaoh.

I have also added weapon and cash /give to the console, and fixed a transparency issue.


Please remove the Thumbs.db files


Otherwise the pull request looks nice.


This seems to do many things at the same time and add weapons that have not been discussed?


Yeah we have to discuss about it. We would also need a way to buy these weapons.They could be enabled if you reach a certain XP Level.
And it only includes the weapons and a few new console commands.
4 of them are unrelated and could be externalized to a new pull request which we could merge now.

I just tried it and like the ideas.
We would need some kind of indication while a weapon is loading.
Also an extra animation for the machete needs to be done...

@master-lincoln master-lincoln commented on the diff Mar 9, 2012
@@ -56,3 +56,17 @@ com.mojang.mojam.entity.weapon.Shotgun.shootDelay=35

This is not used. instead I get an error because shootDelay is not defined. Why not leave this shootDelay

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Tipaa commented Mar 9, 2012

I have fixed the constants with the latest commit - I just wanted to have a good animation before spamming commits.


@Tipaa sync up :)


What do the others think about this pull request?
This doesn't change current gameplay unless you use the console. It's good to have some new weapons ready if someone comes up with a good integration in the game...

Flet commented Mar 12, 2012

go for it

@Maescool Maescool merged commit 569b638 into Maescool:develop Mar 12, 2012
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