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Releases: MagerValp/AutoDMG

AutoDMG v1.10b587

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AutoDMG v1.10b587 Pre-release
  • Added 10.15 support.
  • Removed 10.12 support.

AutoDMG 1.9

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  • Added 10.14 support.
    ⚠️ To successfully build on Mojave the installer must be on an external volume, see issue #222.
  • Removed 10.10 and 10.11 support.
  • Removed HFS+ support for 10.14+.

AutoDMG 1.8.1

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  • Show a helpful error message when an incomplete installer is used.
  • Better error messages when image building fails.
  • Fail but don't crash if a profile is bad.
  • Add App Transport Security exception for

AutoDMG 1.8

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  • Added 10.13 and APFS support.
  • Added APFS/HFS+ selection to the Advanced Options window.
  • Added -F/--filesystem option to CLI.
  • Added Filesystem option to templates.
  • Removed 10.9 support.
  • Fixed crash when CLI build can't eject image.
  • Fixed crash when unchecking updates without a source.
  • Fixed Unicode handling of paths for additional packages.
  • Slightly improved app launch time.

AutoDMG 1.7.3

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  • Display warning if Apple has stopped updating the target OS.
  • Only update the profile if the running OS is supported.
  • Handle already mounted InstallESD.dmg if installer app was moved afterwards.
  • Abort the build if disk image creation fails.
  • Print warning in log when build number changes during install.

AutoDMG 1.7.1

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  • Now displays the current OS name and placeholder icon.
  • New menu item to select an installer, ⌘I. ⌘⌥I will pick the first installer it finds in /Applications.
  • Log window wraps long lines and shows colorful warnings.
  • Preserve TMPDIR when running CLI builds without sudo.
  • Better error handling when ejecting the temporary build image.

AutoDMG 1.7

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  • Rewrote launch code for the privileged task that runs the OS installer.
  • Fixed beachballing during finalize task.
  • Fixed language detection for Setup Assistant on 10.12.

AutoDMG 1.6

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  • Added 10.12 support.
  • Removed 10.8 support.
  • AutoDMG will not try to remount already mounted images, fixing 10.12 installer.
  • Added advanced option to skip asr imagescan (thanks @timsutton).
  • AutoDMG will not relaunch on login (thanks @nmcspadden).
  • Fixed volume size setting not being saved to templates (thanks @timsutton).
  • Fixed handling of relative package paths on the command line (thanks @timsutton).
  • Fixed usage of base image as source on the command line (thanks @timsutton).

AutoDMG 1.5.5

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  • Respect TMPDIR when building images on 10.9+.
  • Avoid occasional error messages on program exit.
  • Fixed handling of packages where size can't be calculated.

AutoDMG 1.5.4

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  • Added ⌘B keyboard shortcut to build (thanks @zuhl).
  • Added -s/--size option to CLI (thanks @timsutton).
  • Fixed error handling of bad Additional Packages paths.
  • Display confirmation dialog when updating profiles.
  • Disable profile update checking while images build.
  • Fixed handling of large error messages from the build script.