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You might need basic knowledge of python, pip, git and the console of your operating system to run this bot.
If you need further help you can join the support discord, but I won't answer any question regarding the topics above.

Hosted Version


You need Python 3.6.x to run the bot. >=3.7 and <=3.5 are not supported!
Use pip install -U -r requirements.txt to install all python packages. contains all sensitive values and some startup configurations. You can use, change all values that start with "your" and rename it to

If you only want to use specific parts of the bot, you can edit the variable "extensions". All extensions should work independent of each other. (But I wouldn't recommend you to disable the errors extension.)


The bot requires a rethinkdb-database running on port 28015. All backups, templates and user information are saved there. You can find more information about rethinkdb here.


The bot creates log files in the logs/ directory. You might need to create it if it isn't already there.