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SDL port of the DOS game Xargon
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Xargon - Copyright 1992-1994 Allen Pilgrim
This port of Xargon is Copyright 2011 Adam Nielsen <>
The included DOSBox OPL synth is Copyright 2002-2010 The DOSBox Team

All code is covered under the GNU GPL license.  Unless otherwise stated in a
given file, it is version 3 of the GPL.

You will need SDL and libgamemusic available to build this port.

Build instructions:

 ./        # Only needed if building git version
 ./configure && make

This will produce ./src/xrfile01 which should be placed in the same directory
as the Xargon data files (just like the DOS .EXE file.)  If you don't have the
data files handy, all three episodes have been released as freeware and can be
downloaded from

If you encounter any problems with this port or need help, please ask on the
RGB Classic Games forum at  You can also
get help here if you are stuck somewhere in the game!

Known issues:

 - Some tiles don't animate (e.g. ocean below waterfall on first level.)

 - Will only run on little-endian CPUs due to endian-specific file handling.
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