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* Fix several bugs with undocumented feature of Bass.PluginLoad()

The first bug here is with path handling. The code splits the directory name from the file name then merges them together but does not put a file seperator between the two.

The second bug is with the state that it leaves Bass.LastError in after trying to load the plugin. If the plugin fails for any reason such as Errors.FileFormat, or Errors.Already that will get overwritten by later calls for the different platforms.

* Fix issue with multi-platform plugins in the same directory

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(c) Mathew Sachin
Free Open-Source Cross-Platform .Net Wrapper for Un4seen Bass and its AddOns.

Bass and its Add-Ons can be downloaded at
ManagedBass is targeted for Any CPU, but bass Libraries(.dll/.so/.dylib/.a) are separate for x86, x64, ARM, etc.
Download the versions you need.

See the Sample Repositories for examples.

ManagedBass is now provided as a set of packages split per AddOn.

Getting Started

  • Install the NuGet package
Install-Package ManagedBass
  • Download the BASS libraries from and place them in Build Output Directory.

See for more info.



  • No separate library for iOS. The main library can be used on iOS with DllMap (see app.config file).


  • Moved from PCL to .Net Standard 1.4.
  • Removed Load and Unload methods in support of being cross-platform.
  • Removed DynamicLibrary class.


  • Split NuGet packages per AddOn.
  • No dependency on ManagedBass.PInvoke.
  • Using C# 7 on Visual Studio 2017.