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(c) Mathew Sachin
Free Open-Source Cross-Platform .Net Wrapper for Un4seen Bass and its AddOns.

Bass and its Add-Ons can be downloaded at
ManagedBass is targeted for Any CPU, but bass Libraries(.dll/.so/.dylib/.a) are separate for x86, x64, ARM, etc.
Download the versions you need.

See the Sample Repositories for examples.

ManagedBass is now provided as a set of packages split per AddOn.

Getting Started

  • Install the NuGet package
Install-Package ManagedBass
  • Download the BASS libraries from and place them in Build Output Directory.

See for more info.


v3.1+ (August 2021)

  • Incorporated all changes and contributions since March 2020.
  • Automated build and deployment of Nuget packages for future releases.
  • Switched to using GitHub Releases. Checkout the latest releases here for more information.

v3.0 (March 2020)

  • No separate library for iOS. The main library can be used on iOS with DllMap (see app.config file).

v2.0 (November 2017)

  • Moved from PCL to .Net Standard 1.4.
  • Removed Load and Unload methods in support of being cross-platform.
  • Removed DynamicLibrary class.

v1.0 (January 2017)

  • Split NuGet packages per AddOn.
  • No dependency on ManagedBass.PInvoke.
  • Using C# 7 on Visual Studio 2017.