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Dreamcatcher is an app that lets the users document their dreams in the app. The posts don't necessarily have to be sleep related and could be motivational or ambitious journal posts as well.

Heroku Link []

Journal Posts

The app enables the users to:

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete their journal posts.


The apps also gives the freedom to the Users to

  • Signup
  • Log In
  • Log Out
  • Edit their profile
  • Delete their profile

Technologies Used:

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Ejs



User Profile Page

Journal Post Show Page

Login and Sign Up Modal

Entity Relationship Diagram


9th April

  • Create Journal Post Model
  • CRUD Journal Posts
  • Create User Model

10th April

  • CRUD users
  • Create Associations
  • User and Post Show Page

11th April

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Front-end Ejs
  • REACT.js front end if time permits
  • Show motivational quotes from third party

12th April

  • Comment Model and association
  • Stylings

User Stories

  • For Users who would like to keep track of their dreams
  • At night or even day dreams or ambitions

A User should be to

  • Navigate to "/" page and see the homepage
  • navigation bar with login SignIn and home page
  • description of the website on the homepage along with about the creator
  • Login and signup with the modal
  • Profile page for the user to see their posts
  • Create a journal post by clicking on add journal post button
  • Update their profile info by clicking on edit button
  • view their own individual show page for their journals
  • validation and authorization for users
  • edit journals whenever the user wants to make change or delete journal post.
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