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Ray Tracer

Ray-Tracer made by Manuel Rodríguez Matesanz and Micah Paul Davis for our Computer Graphics work in C++. It uses some demo scenes with regular OpenGL and our developed Ray-Tracer.

By default the scene will load in openGL mode. There are 3 menus:

  • Visualization mode menu: Displayed by pressing mouse Right Click. With it you can change by openGL and RayTracing mode.
  • Ilumination menu: Displayed by pressing mouse Left Click. We developed ilumination with Phong and Phong + Cook-Torrance BRDF.
  • Scene changer menu: Displayed by pressing middle mouse click. You can change scenes without touching code. By using this, the scene will change to openGL mode so you will need to re-use the visualization mode menu to see the raytracing.

The Scenes are defined in the XML. Objects, materials and lights are there. It's easy to read.


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