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ci/travis/ use mainstream coveralls
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rouault committed Jan 18, 2020
1 parent fdad948 commit e4aa2a5456cb63bae11408ad1ae521c74e91f583
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@@ -6,5 +6,7 @@ if [ "$BUILD_NAME" != "PHP_7.2_WITH_ASAN" ]; then
sh -c 'if test "$TRAVIS_SECURE_ENV_VARS" = "true" -a "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" = "master"; then echo "run coverage"; ./; fi'
ln -s ../../../mapparser.y build/CMakeFiles/mapserver.dir/
ln -s ../../../maplexer.l build/CMakeFiles/mapserver.dir/
coveralls --exclude renderers --exclude mapscript --exclude apache --exclude build/mapscript/mapscriptJAVA_wrap.c --exclude build/mapscript/mapscriptPYTHON_wrap.c --exclude shp2img.c --exclude legend.c --exclude scalebar.c --exclude msencrypt.c --exclude sortshp.c --exclude shptreevis.c --exclude shptree.c --exclude testexpr.c --exclude sym2img.c --exclude testcopy.c --exclude shptreetst.c --exclude tile4ms.c --extension .c --extension .cpp
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ sudo apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated protobuf-c-compiler libprotobuf-c0-
sudo apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated libmono-system-drawing4.0-cil mono-mcs
sudo apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated php5-dev || sudo apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated php7-dev
sudo apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated libperl-dev
sudo pip install git+git://
sudo pip install cpp-coveralls
# install swig 3.0.12 (defaults to 2.0.11 on trusty)
export CC="ccache gcc"

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