A fast, fun and stimulating object to object Mapper
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Mapster - The Mapper of Your Domain

Writing mapping method is machine job. Do not waste your time, let Mapster do it.

Get it

PM> Install-Package Mapster

Basic usage

Mapping to a new object

Mapster creates the destination object and maps values to it.

var destObject = sourceObject.Adapt<TDestination>();

Mapping to an existing object

You make the object, Mapster maps to the object.

TDestination destObject = new TDestination();
destObject = sourceObject.Adapt(destObject);

Queryable Extensions

Mapster also provides extensions to map queryables.

using (MyDbContext context = new MyDbContext())
    // Build a Select Expression from DTO
    var destinations = context.Sources.ProjectToType<Destination>().ToList();

    // Versus creating by hand:
    var destinations = context.Sources.Select(c => new Destination(){
        Id = p.Id,
        Name = p.Name,
        Surname = p.Surname,


Don't let other libraries slow you down, raw Mapster performance is at least 2.5 times faster!
And you can boost another 1.3 - 4.0 times faster with FastExpressionCompiler!

screen shot 2018-10-08 at 21 27 55

What's new in 3.0

Debugging generated mapping function! image

Mapping your DTOs directly to EF6!

var poco = dto.BuildAdapter()

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