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March-Hare Communications Collective

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  1. A portable distribution for managing a communications team deployment

    Perl 5 2

  2. Forked from ushahidi/Ushahidi_Web

    Ushahidi is a platform that allows information collection, visualization and interactive mapping, allowing anyone to submit information through text messaging using a mobile phone, email or web form.

    PHP 4 1

  3. JavaScript 4

  4. Forked from ushahidi/Swiftriver-2011

    SwiftRiver is a free and open source software platform that uses algorithms and crowdsourcing to curate and filter realtime data.

    PHP 2 1

  5. Forked from ushahidi/Sweeper_0.3.2

    [DEPRECATED] Intelligent media curation tool with filters for managing real-time feeds of information

    PHP 2


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