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Nexus Theme

Dark custom UI theme for Sublime Text 2/3. ST3 updates provided by Raynos and LOQUILLO!


Nexus theme

This theme is based on nilium (Noel Cower) Nil Theme and he based his on the following:

Raik Ilves's Pseudo OSX theme, which is in turn based on [Ian Hill's Soda theme](https://github.com/buymeasoda/soda- theme). Additionally, this theme was inspired by Liam Cain's Refresh theme, which is also a variant of Pseudo OSX. So, it's worth noting that Raik's made a pretty handy base for new themes.I recommend checking out both of them if this doesn't do it for you (and it's rough around the edges, so it may not).


Using Sublime Package Control

If you are using Will Bond's excellent Sublime Package Control, you can easily install Nexus Theme via the Package Control: Install Package menu item. The Nexus Theme package is listed as Theme - Nexus in the packages list.

Using Git

Alternatively, if you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo directly into your Packages directory in the Sublime Text 2/3 application settings area.

Go to your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory and clone the theme repository using the command below:

git clone https://github.com/EleazarCrusader/nexus-theme/ "Theme - Nexus"

Download Manually

  • Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option
  • Unzip the files and rename the folder to Theme - Nexus
  • Copy the folder to your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory

Activating the theme

To configure Sublime Text 2 to use the theme:

  • Open your User Settings Preferences file Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Settings - User
  • Add (or update) your theme entry to be "theme": "Nexus.sublime-theme"

Example User Settings

    "theme": "Nexus.sublime-theme"

Color Scheme

The Nexus theme package comes with a slightly modified version of the Railscast color theme:

  • Nexus.tmTheme

To use it simply select your Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Theme - Nexus -> Nexus.