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Greasemonkey is a user script manager for Firefox.
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components piggyback script refresh checking on http requests for page/frame loads
content Merge remote-tracking branch 'janekptacijarabaci/dialog_newUserScript…
defaults/preferences Update greasemonkey.js
locale updated translations from
modules Merge remote-tracking branch 'janekptacijarabaci/GM_xmlhttpRequest_se…
skin Restore "more" link in AOM.
.editorconfig Added cues for text editors to set themselves up properly.
.gitignore Add .gitignore and ignore build extensions. Add contributing guide
CREDITS Include the CSS from the windows version of Firefox to dupicate the s…
LICENSE.bsd Set up CREDITS and parallel LICENSE files. Set up CREDITS and parallel LICENSE files.
LICENSE.mpl Set up CREDITS and parallel LICENSE files. Remove usage of __noSuchMethod__ in the `util` module.
chrome.manifest Scratchpad: Rewrite require / import to match source
install.rdf Version bump: 3.5
peg.txt Add author and homepage script values.
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