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What is it?

A script pack that supplied helper methods for printing object members to the console. Intended for use on the REPL to help you work with large or unknown types.

#How do I get it?

  • This package is available on Nuget under the name ScriptCs.MemberPrint. Use scriptcs -install ScriptCs.MemberPrint.

#Quick start In the REPL, issue the command var print = Require<MemberPrint>(); Explore the MemberPrint API itself: print.Methods(print); There are multiple overloads for each of the following methods:

  • Methods(object o)
  • Properties(object o)
  • Events(object o)
  • Constructors(object o)
  • Members(object o) (this one just calls all of the others)

You can use BindingFlags to filter the results. There is also support for regular expression filtering: print.Methods(new List<string>(), "^Find.+"); results in

+   FindAll(Predicate`1 match) : List`1
+   FindIndex(Predicate`1 match) : Int32
+   FindIndex(Int32 startIndex, Predicate`1 match) : Int32
+   FindIndex(Int32 startIndex, Int32 count, Predicate`1 match) : Int32
+   FindLast(Predicate`1 match) : String
+   FindLastIndex(Predicate`1 match) : Int32
+   FindLastIndex(Int32 startIndex, Predicate`1 match) : Int32
+   FindLastIndex(Int32 startIndex, Int32 count, Predicate`1 match) : Int32