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@mason-gitlab mason-gitlab released this Mar 17, 2020

This release of the Mason CLI revolves around polish and maturity, focusing on performance, output clarity, and X-Ray improvements.

New features


X-Ray now supports generic adb commands through the mason xray $deviceId adbproxy command. Once that command succeeds, you can run adb connect localhost:5555 and execute any adb command as you normally would. By extension, this means you can use Android Studio to remotely develop apps for your device.

X-Ray now also supports three new utility commands: shell which mirrors adb shell, screencap which takes a screenshot on the device, and bugreport which takes a bug report.

All or nothing consent model

The CLI previously used a one-at-a-time model. That is, when operating on multiple artifacts, you previously had to deal with each one individually and in turn. This caused performance bottlenecks and inconsistencies because you wouldn't be presented with the full picture of the operations about to be performed.

In the new model, you are presented with all planned operations upfront and only need to accept them once.


  • Massive performance improvements across the board, including startup time, upload speed, concurrent registration, concurrent deployment, and more.
  • The CLI "UI" has been revamped to be more consistent and clear.
  • A new mason help command is available to make accessing help information easier.
  • A new --dry-run flag is available on registration and deployment commands if you just want to see potential operations without executing them.
  • X-Ray help pages are now easy to access. For example, mason xray logcat --help now works.

Bug fixes

  • Windows compatibility has been restored.
  • Project registration now fails when attempting to upload an APK with different file contents than what is already present in the existing artifact.
  • X-Ray received various tweaks and stability improvements.


  • The --turbo and --no-turbo flags have been deprecated and no longer do anything. All builds now use Turbo Builder.

Signed-off-by: Alex Saveau

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