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Materialize, Inc.

The data warehouse for operational workloads

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  1. materialize materialize Public

    The data warehouse for operational workloads.

    Rust 5.6k 450

  2. datagen datagen Public

    Generate authentic looking mock data based on a SQL, JSON or Avro schema and produce to Kafka in JSON or Avro format.

    TypeScript 133 11

  3. mz-hack-day-2022 mz-hack-day-2022 Public archive

    Official repo for the Materialize + Redpanda + dbt Hack Day 2022, including a sample project to get everyone started!

    Python 61 41

  4. demos demos Public

    Demos of Materialize, the operational data warehouse.

    TypeScript 49 7

  5. sqlparser sqlparser Public archive

    The Materialize SQL parser

    Rust 28 11

  6. pulumi-docker-buildkit pulumi-docker-buildkit Public archive

    Pulumi provider for Docker using Buildkit

    Go 25 11


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