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To run flow type checks:

flow status
flow stop

To build this package for release:

npm run build

It will run tests, generate documentation and output multiple targets. One for browsers and one for nodejs. See rollup.config.js to see the target specification.

If your bundler is aware of the module field in package.json, you'll get the ES6 module directly.

Once you've updated the package run this:

npm version <update_type>
npm publish

So isomorphic git starts with a git constructor that is git(), and it creates a "git" context object. This object essentially starts at a particular directory at the filesystem, it makes use of fs, and if you globally override the fs api it will just work. In my case, I just want git in-memory, so instead I want the fs api to be passed in instead of being expected to just exist as a global, that avoids needing to wrap things and using babel rewire. In my case, I expect to use the proper constructors that is git = new VirtualGit. And this object manages the state for a given directory. It make sense that we would first use that on a directory. However there are multiple ways to "construct" a git directory. We should use static methods for this. Like VirtualGit.clone('...') or VirtualGit.init(...) or VirtualGit.from('...'). Then it constructs the object, and there we go.


Git implemented in Javascript




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