Pure javascript implementation of Git (Node.js and Browser)
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Pure JavaScript implementation of Git backed by immutable models and promises.

The goal is to provide both a low and high level API for manipulating Git repositories: read files, commit changes, edit working index, clone, push, fetch, etc.

This library can work both in the browser and Node.js.


$ npm install gitkit


API Basics

State of the Git repository is represented as a single immutable Repository object. Read and write access to the repository is done using a FS driver, the implementation of the fs depends on the plaftrom (NativeFS for Node.js/Native, LocalStorageFS or MemoryFS for the browser).

var GitKit = require('gitkit');
var NativeFS = require('gitkit/lib/fs/native');

// Prepare the filesystem
var fs = NativeFS(process.cwd());

// Create a repository instance
var repo = GitKit.Repository.createWithFS(fs, isBare);
Clone a remote repository
// Create a transport instance for the GitHub repository
var transport = new GitKit.HTTPTransport('https://github.com/GitbookIO/gitbook.git');

GitKit.TransferUtils.clone(repo, transport)
.then(function(newRepo) {
    // Clone succeed!
}, function(err) {
    // Clone failed
List branches

GitKit.BranchUtils.list returns a promise listing branches as a list of strings.

    .then(function(branches) { ... })
Get current branch

GitKit.BranchUtils.getCurrent returns a promise resolved with the name of the current active branch.

    .then(function(branch) { ... })
List files in repository

GitKit.WorkingIndex provides a set of methods to work with the working index.

    .then(function(workingIndex) {
        var entries = workingIndex.getEntries();
List changes not staged for commit

GitKit.ChangesUtils provides a set of methods to work with pending changes.

    .then(function(changes) { ... });
Commit changes
var author = GitKit.Person.create('Bob', 'bob@gmail.com');
var message = 'My First commit';

GitKit.CommitUtils.createForChanges(repo, author, message, changes)
    .then(function(newRepo) { ... });
More example and documentation coming soon!

I'll publish a better documentation for this library soon.


To the people pointing me in the right directions like:


GitKit.js is Apache-licensed.