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MatrixPilot / UAV Dev Board


The UAV Dev Board, originally designed and open sourced by Bill Premerlani, is an IMU-based development platform for building controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This site hosts the development of the MatrixPIlot UAV code that runs on this board, allowing it to stabilize an airplane, maintain altitude, and navigate to specific locations, or back to the launch site.

The UAV Dev Board from Spark Fun has been retired.

However, you can still buy an AUAV3 Dev Board from Nick Arsov: International Site. USA Site

If you buy a UAV Dev Board, and are interested in hearing about upcoming changes, or want to participate in or influence future development, we strongly urge you to join the UAV Dev Board Discussion List.

There is a large amount of historical information about this project on the original community platform on the DIY Drones site.


MatrixPilot 5.0 Released - Thu 27, October, 2016

The Helical Turns flight control is now used in Fly By Wire and Autonomous flight. We have migrated our code from Sourceforge to Github. Microchip's MPLAB-X IDE is now the standard IDE for developing the firmware. The legacy MPLAB IDE is no longer supported. More details are available the status page. A demonstration video is available at this location. The code is here .

Helical Turns Prototype Branch Ready For Beta Testing - Wed 3 June 2015

Bill Premerlani has researched and implemented new mathematics for controlling a plane. Helical Turns provides full "Fly By Wire" capability. The Maths is elegant and caters for any orientation. The new algorithm takes account of the required angle of attack and trim values with a feedforward mechanism that makes turns sharp and accurate for both normal and inverted flight.The intention is to merge Helical Turns into trunk (master) over the coming months.

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Hardware Specifications

The UDB5 (UAV Development Board version 5) comes populated with a dsPIC33FJ256 CPU, and the MPU-6000, a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.

It is intended for the do-it-yourselfer. By itself, it can be used to develop a three axis IMU controller. With the addition of a GPS receiver, it can be used to develop a UAV controller for an RC car, plane, or boat. All firmware versions are compatible with the EM506, EM406 GPS. The new MatrixPilot firmware can also use the uBlox 5H GPS, and the MediaTek GPS, but the developers currently recommend using the EM506.

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