A PHP wrapper for interacting with Valve's Steam Community.
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SteamAPI is a PHP wrapper for interacting with Valve's Steam Community.

SteamAPI offers the ability to:

  • pull entire player profiles, including most played games, Steam Ratings, and groups subscribed to;
  • get achievements and statistics schema for specific games (Steam apikey and json PHP extension required);
  • track user achievements
  • pull the latest App/Game Store List, and query the latest version of a game
  • check for online and offline servers for a given IP Address

Hopefully over time, more functionality can be added to this API, including pulling global game statistics, group interaction if there's time!


It's simple to integrate SteamAPI into your web application!

To access user profiles, create a SteamUser object for the target user:



$user = new SteamUser($id);
print_r($user); //Or whatever you want to do with it! :)


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