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An API can be thought of as an instruction manual for communication between multiple software apparatuses. For example, an API may be used for database communication between web applications. By extracting the implementation and relinquishing data into objects, an API simplifies programming.

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vanyasem commented Sep 18, 2019

В мобильной версии VK можно выдернуть ещё background песни, что будет обложкой альбома в маленьком разрешении.

<div class="ai_play" style="background-image:url("><i class="i_play"></i></div>

Настолько маленькая, что не уверен, имеет ли это вообще смысл, но возможно позже сделаю.

KeyWeeUsr commented Oct 6, 2018

Pulled from todo comment(kivy/plyer@0d8d2b7).
At least Android platform allows setting the language via its android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech.setLanguage(), to we might be able to first list the available ones with getAvailableLanguages() and give user an option.

Hopefully other platforms allow it

nlsdfnbch commented Feb 16, 2019

Some labels will become deprecated / unnecessary with version 3.0, while we will need to create new ones to accomodate for new features / topics related to said version.

In the scope of this topic, document all labels properly, in both the contributing guide as well as RTD.

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