A simple Twitter feed plugin for WordPress that uses the v1.1 API.
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=== Display Tweets  ===
Homepage: http://matthewruddy.com/display-tweets-plugin/
Contributors: MatthewRuddy
Tags: twitter, tweets, feed, retweets, mentions, favourites, display
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 3.6
Stable tag: 1.0.3

Display Tweets is an easy to use, future proof Twitter feed plugin that uses PHP to make requests to the v1.1 Twitter REST API.

== Description ==

Display Tweets is a very simple and easy to use Twitter feed plugin. It allows you to display your tweets using the shortcode, PHP function or widget. It's completely future proof and makes authenticated requests to the Twitter v1.1 REST API, ensuring that your tweets don't disappear when the old Twitter API is shutdown (soon).

For more information, <a href="http://matthewruddy.com/display-tweets-plugin/">check out my blog</a>. For usage information, <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/display-tweets-php/installation/">click here</a>.

You can also contribute to the plugin yourself on Github <a href="https://github.com/MatthewRuddy/displaytweets">. Don't be shy, get involved!

== Installation ==

Using the plugin is easy. There are three ways to display your feed.


PHP Function:
`<?php if ( function_exists( "display_tweets" ) ) { display_tweets(); } ?>`

You can also display your tweets using the included widget.

== Screenshots ==

1. The Twitter feed settings panel.
2. A snapshot of tweets displaying.

== Changelog ==

= v1.0.3 =
- Fixed bugs related to tweet cache irregularities.
- Fixed date/time localisation bug.
- Added some additional filters related to date/time formatting and links.
- Added "Settings" link to "Plugins" panel.

= v1.0.2 =
- Fixed bugs with WordPress Multisite.

= v1.0.1 =
- Added class exists check before loading TwitterOAuth.
- Correct tweet refresh interval.