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A cross-platform library for simple callstack tracing with C89 and C++03 public APIs.

Requires a C++11 compiler to build.

License: Apache 2.0

Possible Use Cases

  • Fancy assertion or logging macros
  • Automatic tracing for bug database submission (JIRA, Sentry.IO, etc.)
  • Stack traces for leaked allocations or refcounting


Tested OS Compiler SDK Unwind Impl Symbols Impl
Windows 7 VS2015 u1 DbgHelp DbgHelp
Android 5.0 GCC 4.9 nVidia Codeworks 1R4 libunwind Custom elf/dwarf parser
Android 5.0 Clang 3.6 Microsoft's Android SDK __builtin_return_address Custom elf/dwarf parser
Ubuntu 16.10 Clang 3.8.1 None (noop/fallback) None
Ubuntu 16.10 GCC 6.2.0 None (noop/fallback) None

Other C++11 capable platforms/compilers should at least be able to use the Fallback implementation, feel free to file an issue if they don't!


#include <mmk/debug/stack.h> // mmkDebugStackCurrentThread etc.
#include <stdio.h>           // printf
#include <string.h>

#define NO_INLINE   ZMMK_DEBUG_STACK_NO_INLINE // Note: ZMMK_* isn't part of the public API

const char* nameOnly(const char* filename) {
	if (const char* bs = strrchr(filename, '\\')) return bs+1;
	if (const char* fs = strrchr(filename, '/'))  return fs+1;
	return filename;

#define TRACE() (void)(printf("Trace:\n"),   mmk::debug::stackCurrentThread(mmkDebugStackResolveAll, 0, 25, \
    [](const mmk::debug::stackFunction& f) {                                                                \
        printf("    %s(%d): %s @ %p\n", nameOnly(f.file), f.line,, f.address);                       \
        return true; /* continue trace */                                                                   \
    }, MMK_DEBUG_STACK_HINT()),   printf("\n\n\n"),   0)

NO_INLINE void test_trace() { TRACE(); }
template < size_t N > struct recursive { NO_INLINE static void test_trace() { recursive<N-1>::test_trace(); } };
template <>        struct recursive<0> { NO_INLINE static void test_trace() { ::test_trace(); } };

int main()

Resulting Debug|x86 Console:

    main.cpp(19): test_trace @ 013B2C76
    main.cpp(21): recursive<0>::test_trace @ 013B2C03
    main.cpp(20): recursive<1>::test_trace @ 013B28E3
    main.cpp(20): recursive<2>::test_trace @ 013B2933
    main.cpp(20): recursive<3>::test_trace @ 013B2983
    main.cpp(20): recursive<4>::test_trace @ 013B29D3
    main.cpp(20): recursive<5>::test_trace @ 013B2A23
    main.cpp(20): recursive<6>::test_trace @ 013B2A73
    main.cpp(20): recursive<7>::test_trace @ 013B2AC3
    main.cpp(20): recursive<8>::test_trace @ 013B2B13
    main.cpp(20): recursive<9>::test_trace @ 013B2B63
    main.cpp(20): recursive<10>::test_trace @ 013B2BB3
    main.cpp(26): main @ 013B2DB3
    exe_common.inl(74): invoke_main @ 013B6B4E
    exe_common.inl(264): __scrt_common_main_seh @ 013B699A
    exe_common.inl(309): __scrt_common_main @ 013B682D
    exe_main.cpp(17): mainCRTStartup @ 013B6B68
    <unknown>(0): BaseThreadInitThunk @ 76F3336A
    <unknown>(0): RtlInitializeExceptionChain @ 77C39902
    <unknown>(0): RtlInitializeExceptionChain @ 77C398D5

More examples:

  • mmkDebugStackTest (c++)
  • mmkNvidiaCodeworksTest (java, c++)
  • mmkAndroidTest (java, c++)



Add libMmkDebugStack to your project via nuget. Done!

From Source (on Windows development machine)

  • Clone the repository
  • Use libMmkDebugStack.sln to build libMmkDebugStack.lib in the configurations/platforms of your choice.
  • Add HAS_MMK_DEBUG_STACK to your preprocessor definitions.
  • Add libMmkDebugStack\include\ to your #include paths.
  • Targeting Windows:
    • Add build\native\lib\$(PlatformTarget)\$(PlatformToolset)\$(Configuration)\ to your library paths
    • Add libMmkDebugStack.lib and DbgHelp.lib to your additional dependencies list.
  • Targeting Android via the nVidia Codeworks for Android 1R4 SDK:
    • Add build\native\lib\$(ArchAbi)\$(ToolchainIdentifier)\$(Configuration)\ to your library paths
    • Add MmkDebugStack to your additional dependencies list.
  • Targeting Android via the Microsoft Android SDK:
    • Add build\native\lib\$(Platform)\$(PlatformToolset)\$(Configuration)\ to your library paths
    • Add -lMmkDebugStack to your additional dependencies list.

From Source (on Linux development machine)

  • Clone the repository
  • Run make
  • Add -Lbin/$(compiler)-$(arch)-$(build)-$(language)/ to your LDFLAGS
  • Add -lMmkDebugStack to your LDFLAGS
  • Add bin/$(compiler)-$(arch)-$(build)-$(language)/ to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH


  • Add option to use separate debugger process for stability / collecting stacks of foreign threads
  • Backport to C++03 for wider compatability
  • Properly port to Linux, OS X, iOS
  • Port to Consoles, Handhelds, etc. (Blocker: Devkit access)
  • Add Windows CDB backend for possible stability improvements, multi-thread stacks, crash dump analysis, etc.