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A lightweight server. Server, Balancer, Proxy in one package
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With this package you can easily start lightweight server locally on any free port you want (with admin rights even under 1024 ports on Linux).
NuGet: MaxRev.Servers.Core

Example server:

Here you can view basic core initializations and some API definitions at VstupInfoParser repo


  • 3 Server types: Server, Proxy or Balancer

  • Async threads for clients with async API handling

  • API handling via attributes

  • File listing module with image thumbnails generator (using ImageSharp)

  • Currently supported types of headers - Cache, Range, Conditionals, Connection,Cookies,Downloads,Redirects headers processing

  • Content compression - gzip, deflate, brotli

  • Custom request redirects from config

  • Virtual folders like /easy (on web) <-> /long_system_path/other (system)

  • Authorization to server console (via cookie)

  • Loggers (Main,Info,Error)

  • Schedulers - (for Logger, Base - you can derive to save cache, reparse data, etc.)

  • Time Syncronizer with scheduler - server time

  • Custom server exceptions and API response objects

  • Url Shortener with API (currently only for server session)

  • CoreAPI (/coreApi?)

    • for image simple edit (resize, filter)

    • for server status (trace) view

    • for reboot, suspend

On planing

  • HotLoad - hot assembly load/unload (currently unload API not ready in .NetCore)
  • Templates - for proper html forms handling

Basic config:

Port: 3001

I/O buffers - 2048 bytes

Directories (Server/Data, Server/Reactor)

Config save on start only for servers nor proxy

Access Folder: /www (web or virtual) <-> /www (real)

Contact me:

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