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Human Microbiome wiki -

Testing a port from Reddit due to a variety of problems with Reddit. Github wikis seem to have all the necessary & desirable functionality so for now it doesn't seem worth it to create another website just to get a shorter URL. But I'm open to the idea, and open to the idea of moving away from reddit subs.

I've registered 3 domains that can be used to link to this wiki easier:

You can use to get to the FMT page for example.

Intro Page.

Related forums:

This website was created with the idea in mind that misinformation is harmful, and that it's important to have easily accessible hubs of up-to-date, accurate information on subjects. There is widespread misinformation about so many topics, including the microbiome, probiotics, diet, etc.. Since I've been following the microbiome literature daily for years I should be able to help stop the spread of misinformation for topics relating to the human microbiome.

If you have criticisms, suggestions, additions, etc., please submit them.

I will try to keep this site accessible for both lay people and professionals. I don't add every existing study or the wiki would become overbloated and unusable. To see all studies for a given topic you'll need to do a literature search via pubmed or google scholar.

Please note that I am a layperson and do not have a deep technical knowledge. Rather, I have a broad understanding of human health and development, and the gut microbiome's impacts on the entire body. And since most doctors and researchers don't seem to follow the literature closely it seemed like this is a vacant and important niche I could/should fill. If you are interested in collaboration, expanding, moving the site, etc. feel free to let me know.

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