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derekoharrow commented Jul 7, 2021

Please can you add Pushover alerting to gatus (which is great BTW!)

Details on how to send pushover alerts can be found here -

I have managed to get this working using the custom alert, but it's quite clunky and requires encoding the user key, api key, message, etc. in the custom alert body text.


The Java microservice lib. QBit is a reactive programming lib for building microservices - JSON, HTTP, WebSocket, and REST. QBit uses reactive programming to build elastic REST, and WebSockets based cloud friendly, web services. SOA evolved for mobile and cloud. ServiceDiscovery, Health, reactive StatService, events, Java idiomatic reactive programming for Microservices.

  • Updated Jan 18, 2018
  • Java

📊 📊 📊 Monitors the health and web traffic of servers, microservices, and containers with real-time data monitoring and receive automated notifications over Slack or email.

  • Updated Jun 17, 2021
  • TypeScript
viki53 commented May 8, 2021

Contexte / Problème

Désolé pour ce titre très basique, mais l'issue remonte plusieurs points difficiles à décrire autrement. 😊

Après un rapide tour des principales pages publiques je me permets de faire quelques suggestions pour l'accessibilité.

Certains problèmes peuvent être testés rapidement avec tota11y (bookmarklet disponible en bas de page) si

nelsonic commented Jun 22, 2019

This issue contains our weekly progress updates.
(we have a project but it's not great for viewing history)

Until we opened this issue, we had been conducting our standups verbally ...
But as we all know, ephemeral project management is terrible for personal/team accountability.

Steps to participate:

  1. Ensure that the issue you are w

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