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A UI for the command-line video downloader "youtube-dl"

YDL-UI provides a simplified way to download videos using "youtube-dl", without the hassle of using the command-line. This is achieved by dynamically generating youtube-dl argument queries that can be run with a click of a button. YDL-UI is packaged with a release of youtube-dl and ffmpeg.

YDL-UI v2 Main Screen YDL-UI v2 Video Selection


You can find both the latest and previous releases of YDL-UI on the releases page.

Development Builds

The latest development build of YDL-UI can be found on the artifacts page of YDL-UI's AppVeyor. Note: These builds are temporary and may be unstable as the are built from each commit automatically.

Installation & Setup

View the installation wiki page.


Ensure you have installed the prerequisites listed below in order to run YDL-UI.


To learn how to use YDL-UI check out the wiki.
Please be aware the Wiki might not be updated for the latest release of YDL-UI.


Wanting to contribute by translating YDL-UI to your language, or fix a typo?

Locales for YDL-UI are available in the ydl-ui_i18n repository.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details