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This branch is an edge release - Marionettejs-AMD [Stable / support tablets] :
Mobile UX :!/mobile


Aligning genomic data is a fundamental but difficult (NP-hard) problem in Biology. We developed Phylo, a casual video game which solutions are used to compare genomes. In this project, we implemented a complete gaming framework and an API for human-computing video games in genomics. Come help solve science through playing games!

I want to contribute!

That is awesome! Just fork the project on github. Create a topic branch, write some code and let us know! Click here to jump to Getting Started
No worries if you cannot code, check out this page instead

I want to leave a feedback!

We love to hear from you, you can post it at


Principal Investigator (Media and scientific contact) : Jerome Waldispuhl -
Lead Developer / UX (Technical Inquiries) : @AlfredKam - or


PHYLO is released under the McGill - License, which has been specifically designed for human-computing and crowdsourcing software developments. Learn more at
Copyright (2012) McGill University, Alfred Kam, Jerome Waldispuhl and other contributors.

Getting Started

Its great you want to contribute - general flow

  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Push to your feature branch
  5. Create a pull request

Please refer to our docs page for more info

Devices Supported

Current version supports most major browsers (except IE 6-8) and tablet browsers with screen size bigger than 1024px * 768px. Tablets have their own custome UX

For legacy code that was dedicated to the mobile phones, please visit the archive branch.

Quick Crash Course

Awesome Book on Backbone
Various Boilerplates

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