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OpenGL 3 and OpenGL 4 with GLSL

Please read GLUS/README.txt

Please read Binaries/README.txt


Example01 - Basic window and OpenGL 3 initialization

Example02 - Rendering of a triangle

Example03 - Grey filter

Example04 - Perspective rendering of a cube

Example05 - Phong rendering of a sphere

Example06 - Texturing of a cube

Example07 - Normal mapping

Example08 - Environment/cube mapping

Example09 - GPU Particles

Example10 - Geometry shader

Example11 - Reflection and refraction

Example12 - Shadow mapping

Example13 - Simple tessellation (OpenGL 4.1)

Example14 - Terrain rendering (OpenGL 4.1)

Example15 - Water rendering

Example16 - Model loading and rendering

Example17 - Clipping planes and two sided rendering

Example18 - Using stencil buffer and clipping planes

Example19 - Render to texture and planar reflection

Example20 - Texture matrix, alpha blending and discarding

Example21 - Compute shader (OpenGL 4.3)

Example22 - Shadow volumes

Example23 - Displacement mapping (OpenGL 4.1, AMD hardware - not on Mac OS X - has artifacts but used to work)

Example24 - Erode effect using perlin noise

Example25 - Model with groups and materials

Example26 - Fur rendering

Example27 - Projection shadow for directional light

Example28 - Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) (OpenGL 4.1)

Example29 - CPU ray tracing

Example30 - GPU ray tracing using compute shader (OpenGL 4.3)

Example31 - Many lights using deferred shading (OpenGL 4.1)

Example32 - BRDF and IBL rendering (OpenGL 4.1)

Example33 - Real-Time BRDF and IBL rendering (OpenGL 4.1)

Example34 - Subsurface scattering

Example35 - Order independent transparency using depth peeling

Example36 - Order independent transparency using linked list (OpenGL 4.4, AMD hardware has artifacts)

Example37 - CPU ray marching

Example38 - Basic usage of program pipeline and separable programs(OpenGL 4.1)

Example39 - Basic usage of program pipeline, separable programs and shader subroutines (OpenGL 4.1, AMD hardware does not work properly)

Example40 - Cloth simulation using compute shader (OpenGL 4.3)

Example41 - Ocean wave height/normal map calculation with FFT using compute shader (OpenGL 4.3, NVIDIA hardware under Linux has artifacts)

Example42 - Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing - FXAA (OpenGL 4.3)

Example43 - Scene with several models having groups and materials

Example44 - Conservative rasterization

Example45 - GPU voxelization (OpenGL 4.4)