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REvernus is a rewrite of Evernus in C# 8.0 using .Net Core 3.0 and WPF
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REvernus Logo

REvernus is a rewrite of the market/industry/everything EVE tool written in C# for Windows!

Official Discord Server:

What is Evernus?

Evernus is a market/industry/everything EVE tool that is no longer being developed or maintained. Currently, its functionality is starting to degrade, and some features are virtually unusable or not working altogether.

What does REvernus do?

Hopefully everything Evernus did but better and with more features. Currently, the project is in super early development and does not have as many features as Evernus, however I am hoping to have a public realase by the end of June or early July with added support for order viewing/updating and market analysis, so people can start to use it.

Why are you re-writing Evernus?

I used to use Evernus a lot back when it was still being maintained and when I was interested in market stuff, and when I tried to use it recently I found it virually unusable. So, I figured I should take the torch and try and maintain it myself, however I am not that experienced with C++, and I am a CS student wanting to write something that people can use, so I figured why not re-write the whole thing in C#! I also wish to set up some sort of feature bounty system for the project (for ISK), so even if I'm long gone, people can still request features and keep REvernus working for as long as EVE is alive and kicking.

Does using REvernus violate the EVE EULA? Does it interact with my client?

REvernus doesn't, and never will intend to, violate the EVE EULA. REvernus only interacts with your game in ways deemed acceptable by CCP, in this case, via the ESI API. REvernus does not interact with your client in any other way. REvernus looks at files created by the EVE client, downloads SDE data from Fuzzworks, alongside using ESI to get everything it needs to function properly. If there is an issue with how the program works or interacts with anything, please do not hesitate to message me or create an issue, and I will work to get it fixed as soon as possible. With all that said, use this program at your own risk.

How do I run this program?

At the moment there are no public releases available, however you can download the project and build it yourself, check the bottom of this readme on how to do that. Check back here or on the EVE Forums thread for updates!

Can I request features?

You sure can! If you wish to request a feature, please do not be afraid to make a Feature Request over in Issues at the top of this page!

Notice for those building REvernus

REvernus uses Net Core 3.0, and does not come with Visual Studio 2019 by default (at least until we get official support) so you will need to download the most recent .Net Core 3.0 SDK and install the latest Visual Studio 2019 in order to build and run this program. Just load the project, hit F5 and you should be good to go. If theres an issue, please post it in Issues.

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