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A tool that grabs packages from a specified NuGet feed and uploads them to a private feed server.
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This tool mirrors an NuGet repository to another NuGet server. This can be used to clone public repositories or used to make private repositories redundant.


  • Full Sync - Fully reconcile your mirror against a remote repository.
  • Delta Sync - Catch up on newly created packages and new updated packages. Note: this requires an atom feed modeled after the Chocolatey update feed.


  • Improve logging
  • Support multiple mirrors
  • Threaded syncs... maybe, might be overkill



  • Python >= 2.7 (tested on 2.7.13)
  • Python < 3
  • Pip
  • DotNet CLI

Step 1:

Install the DotNet CLI. Instructions can be found on their repository.

Step 2:

Locate the dotnet binary and make note of the path.

On OS X:

which dotnet;
# /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet

On Linux:

It depends on your distro or where you extract the tarball.

On Windows:

Have not tested on Windows.

Step 3:

Get the source and configure options.

cd /opt;
git clone;
cd NuGetReflector;
cp config/config.example.yaml config/config.yaml;
vi config/config.yaml; # Fill out your settings, see config options below.
pip install -r requirements.txt;

Config options:

  • remote:

  • local:

    • url: - local repo to host mirror # Default: http://localhost/
    • json_api: - request json from local API # Default false
    • api_key: - local repo api key # Default: null
    • package_storage_path: - Local path to store packages # Default: storage/packages/
    • dotnet_path: - Path to dontnet executable # Default: false # Example: /usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet
  • hash:

    • verify_downloads: - Verify downloaded package hash. You should leave this enabled # Default: true
    • verify_uploaded: - Verify package hash after it has been uploaded to the mirror. You should leave this enabled # Default: true


Full sync:


./ -f;

Cron Job every 24 hours a 12:05 am:

5 0 * * * cd /opt/NuGetReflector; python /opt/NuGetReflector/ --full 1>> /opt/NuGetReflector/storage/log/sync.log 2>> /opt/NuGetReflector/storage/log/error.log

Incremental "delta" sync:


./ -d;

Cron Job every 10 minutes:

*/10 * * * * cd /opt/NuGetReflector; python /opt/NuGetReflector/ --delta 1>> /opt/NuGetReflector/storage/log/sync.log 2>> /opt/NuGetReflector/storage/log/error.log


See the contribution guidelines.

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