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WOSS ns3 Integration Framework

This repository aims to introduce WOSS support for ns3 users.

WOSS is a multi-threaded C++ framework that permits the integration of any existing underwater channel simulator that expects environmental data as input and provides as output a channel realization. Currently, WOSS integrates the Bellhop ray-tracing program. Thanks to its automation the user only has to specify the location in the world and the time where the simulation should take place. This is done by setting the simulated date and the wanted latitude and longitude of every node involved. The simulator automatically handles the rest (see technical description). WOSS can be integrated in any network simulator or simulation tool that supports C++.

'woss-ns3' relies on the following libraries:

  • WOSS
  • NetCDF
  • Acoustic Toolbox

Latest WOSS source code, installation instructions and related libraries can be found at http://telecom.dei.unipd.it/ns/woss/

'woss-ns3' module will be automatically installed by the ns3 app installer, but this feature is not yet complete.

It can also be manually installed by:

  • downloading and installing the latest Acoustic Toolbox library
  • downloading and installing the recommended NetCDF library
  • downloading and installing the latest WOSS library
  • cloning this repository in the '/src' path and then running ./waf configure --with-woss-source=<woss_source_path> --with-woss-library=<woss_lib_path> --with-netcdf-lib=<netcdf_installed_lib_path> --with-netcdf-include=<netcdf_installed_include_path>
  • for info on how to install all the required libraries with the suggested paths, please check http://telecom.dei.unipd.it/ns/woss/doxygen/installation.html

For any info and question please use the NS3 users mailing list.

Any issue should be reported via github Issue tracker.