Makefile compatibility toolkit for Windows environment.
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#mkwin_mn - Makefile compatibility toolkit for Windows environment -



The mkwin_mn is compatibility toolkit for the minimal Makefile in Windows environment.


MIT License


  1. Checkout this repository in your project.
    $ git clone
  2. Include mkwin_mn to your Makefile.
    include mkwin_mn/mkwin_mn.Makefile
    Hint: Use your Makefile ifeq ($(OS),Windows_NT)
  3. Rewrite your Makefile.
    It is necessary to write it as $(MKDIR_P) and $(RM) in your Makefile.

Hint: Use $(wildcard *) in Makefile feature.
Nothing to find and ls in Windows and MinGW.

For more information is read the example_project/ and wakeup !cons.bat!


mkwin_mn provides compatible commands mkdir -p, rm -f in Makefile.

Windows is not Unix. This is cause of problem.
GNU Make ecosystem is necessary Unix CLI tools.
That has not compatibility in Windows environment.

To Solve this problem, ware made at all of most some build systems.
Some build systems are exaggerated to use it by a small project.
(GNU Make alteranates and {{{{the gread Makefile} builder} builder} builder} builders.)
They are has problems.

  • Additional integration is necessary and is very complication.
  • build configure file is necassary new syntax. (throw out Makefile knowledges.)

I don't want them problems.
I want is available $ make clean command.
I want is available $(RM) in Windows.
General remove file and directory feature on Makefile.
Purpose minimum build support for Windows, like a second-class citizen.

The mkwin_nm is compatibility toolkit for the minimal Makefile in Windows environment.
Replace command $(MKRID_P) is mkdir -p and $(RM) is rm -f (rm -rf).

mkwin_mn is minimul toolkit for compatibility in Windows.
Not expand Makefile syntax.
(But limited Makefile feature, GNU Make ecosystem is near equal unix CLI tools and other.)
You do not have to throw out existing Makefile.
mkwin_mn to minimum change the small Makefile for basic build in Unix environment.


This project target is the minimal Makefile with small project.


need: GNU make, Windows batch.

Environment (develop and check)

Window7x64 Home, MinGW mingw32-make




Q. This project has compatibility bug.
A. Thank you for your bug report.
(Please bug reporting!)

Q. Oops! Return my C:\ !
A. Oops. Thank your for your bug report.
(mkwin_mn is free. without warranty.)

Q. Please return my "-r" file.
A. You are stupid.
(Use case $(RM) -r directory argument is not checking.)

Q. I want to $(please let your favorite feature enter) support.
A. Thank you for your pull request.
I do not want to implement such a troublesome feature.
(Until I need it by oneself.)

Q. What nothing compatibility feature $(shell find *) or ls ?
A. find and ls Compatibility implement is fierce distance.
They commands has very long history, has a great feature, has a some arguments.
You have some choices.

  • Introduce unix CLI enviroment for Windows. (ex. Cygwin)
  • Implement you.
  • Implement me, and I get pay from your. (please contact my mail!)
  • Throw out a Windows support. (Recommended!)


Thank you for your bug report, pull request and requirement feature.

twitter: @MNukazawa