Styles for LaTeX, beamer for Chalmers University of Technology
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* If you find something odd, wrong or lacking, please email me; Mikael Öhman <>
  But *please* do NOT email me about standard latex questions, but only things specific to the chalmers-thesis document class.

* These files have been distributed through:

* No files with the Example prefix are necessary, but recommended to include as they serve as documentation.

* Sources for images comes from src_figures which aren't necessary for end users of the themes.

* If you are using the Chalmers linux system, you need to add texlive 2010 which is in unsup. In short, add this line
  . /chalmers/sw/unsup/texlive/
  The file contains paths to the newer version of latex.

* subfiles is not in texlive yet. If you wish to use it, run latex on the *.ins file and copy everything to
  Subfiles package is available at

* Template should work with either lualatex (possible xelatex) or pdflatex. With a recent version of lualatex installed,
  it should be preferred as it will give smaller files with nicer fonts (and more features).