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Styles for LaTeX, beamer for Chalmers University of Technology
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figures Tidying up for release.
src_figures New chalmers GU logo with white background.
.gitignore More ignores.
ExampleBib.bib More data in bib example.
ExampleDoctorate.tex Removed (unused) subfig package.
ExampleIntroduction.tex Touching up some details.
ExampleLetter.tex Removed typo.
ExampleMasters.tex Made changes to the coverpage to look like the new templates.
ExampleThesisAttachment.tex Letter attachment for sending out thesis works.
beamerthemechalmers.sty Added length for footer text.
chalmers-letter.cls Document class for typesetting letters from chalmers.
chalmers-thesis.cls Made changes to the coverpage to look like the new templates.
contmech.sty Spelling, unicode-math support in contmech. Release script updated.


* If you find something odd, wrong or lacking, please email me; Mikael Öhman <>
  But *please* do NOT email me about standard latex questions, but only things specific to the chalmers-thesis document class.

* These files have been distributed through:

* No files with the Example prefix are necessary, but recommended to include as they serve as documentation.

* Sources for images comes from src_figures which aren't necessary for end users of the themes.

* If you are using the Chalmers linux system, you need to add texlive 2010 which is in unsup. In short, add this line
  . /chalmers/sw/unsup/texlive/
  The file contains paths to the newer version of latex.

* subfiles is not in texlive yet. If you wish to use it, run latex on the *.ins file and copy everything to
  Subfiles package is available at

* Template should work with either lualatex (possible xelatex) or pdflatex. With a recent version of lualatex installed,
  it should be preferred as it will give smaller files with nicer fonts (and more features).

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