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django simple forum is a discussion board where people with similar interests can create and discuss various topics. You can also mention any particpant those are involved in the repsective topic in the comment. You can also receive email notifications when there is an update in the topic, when you follow the topic.

Source Code is available in Micropyramid Repository.

Modules used:

  • Python >= 2.6 (or Python 3.4)
  • Django = 1.9.6
  • JQuery >= 1.7
  • Microurl >=3.6.1
  • Boto == 2.40.0
  • Sendgrid == 2.2.1
  • django-ses-gateway

Installation Procedure

  1. Install django-simple-forum using the following command:

    pip install django-simple-forum
    git clone git://github.com/micropyramid/django-simple-forum.git
    cd django-simple-forum
    python setup.py install
  2. Add app name in settings.py:

  3. After installing/cloning, add the following details in settings file to send emails notifications:

    # AWS details
    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "Your AWS Access Key"
    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = "Your AWS Secret Key"
    SG_USER = "Your Sendgrid Username"
    SG_PWD = "Your Sendgrid Password"
  4. Use virtualenv to install requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

You can view the complete documentation here. Documentation

We are always looking to help you customize the whole or part of the code as you like.

We welcome your feedback and support, raise github ticket if you want to report a bug. Need new features? Contact us here


mailto:: "hello@micropyramid.com"