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These samples are for the older Xbox One XDK. For the latest Xbox ATG samples using the Microsoft GDK, see Xbox-GDK-Samples.

This repo contains game development samples written by the Microsoft Xbox Advanced Technology Group.

  • Kits contains support code used by the samples
  • Media contains media files used by the samples
  • UWPSamples contains samples for the Universal Windows Platform
    • Audio
    • IntroGraphics
    • Graphics
    • System
    • Tools
  • PCSamples contains samples for the classic Win32 desktop PC platform
    • Graphics
    • IntroGraphics
  • XDKSamples contains samples the Xbox One platform using the Xbox One XDK
    • Audio
    • IntroGraphics
    • Graphics
    • System
    • Tools

Samples by category


Spatial audio Simple playback UWP Simple playback XDK 3D playback UWP Advanced audio UWP Advanced audio XDK
XAudio2: Basic audio UWP XDK
XAudio2: Streaming UWP XDK
XAudio2: 3D playback UWP XDK
Play Text to Speech XDK

Introductory Graphics

Basic drawing UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
UWP (C++/WinRT) DX11 UWP (C++/WinRT) DX12 XDK (C++/WinRT) DX11 XDK (C++/WinRT) DX12
Basic texturing UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Basic lighting UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Bezier UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
DirectCompute UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
DirectX Tool Kit UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Instancing UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Multisample Antialiasing UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Xbox One Device Setup XDK DX11 XDK DX12


Physically Based Rendering UWP XDK
High-Dynamic Range Rendering UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK DX11 XDK DX12 PC DX11 PC DX12
Bokeh Effect XDK DX11 XDK DX12
Fast Block Compress XDK
Media Foundation PC DX12 UWP DX11 UWP DX12 XDK
ESRAM (XDK only) Simple DX11 Simple DX12 Advanced DX12
Xbox One (XDK only) AsyncPresent HLSL Symbols Simple DMA Decompression


UWP CPU Sets Memory Statistics
XDK Async I/O Coroutines Custom Event Provider Data Breakpoints Game DVR Memory Banks User Management
System Information UWP XDK
DirectXMath UWP XDK
Gamepad UWP XDK UWP (C++/WinRT) XDK (C++/WinRT)
Gamepad Vibration UWP XDK
Raw Game Controller UWP
ArcadeStick XDK
FlightStick XDK
WheelTest XDK
Input Interfacing UWP Mouse UWP Mouse XDK
User Gamepad Pairing UWP XDK
Process Lifetime Management UWP PLM XDK PLM Extended Execution
Localization UWP XDK
Device RGB Lamp Array UWP XDK
Xbox One X Front Panel Basic Text Demo Dolphin Game Logo


Error lookup
CrashDump Symbol Proxy OS Primitive TexConv for Xbox
FrontPanel Font FrontPanel Font Viewer

DirectX Raytracing (DXR)

SimpleTriangle SimpleInstancing Raytracing AO


UWP apps

  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) or later
  • Visual Studio 2017 (15.9 update) with the Universal Windows Platform development workload, the C++ Universal Windows Platform tools component, and Windows 10 SDK (10.0.19041.0).

XDK apps

  • Xbox One Development Kit
  • Xbox One XDK April 2018 - July 2018.
  • Visual Studio 2017 (15.9)

PC apps

  • Visual Studio 2017 (15.9) with the Desktop development with C++ workload and Windows 10 SDK (10.0.19041.0).
  • DirectX 11: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 with the DirectX 11.1 Runtime via KB2670838 or later.
  • DirectX 12: Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  • DirectX Raytracing: Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later.

VS 2019 / VS 2022

VS 2019 or VS 2022 can also be used with the required workload and components installed via Retarget solution for PC and UWP samples. The legacy Xbox One XDK does not support VS 2019 or later.

Privacy Statement

When compiling and running a sample, the file name of the sample executable will be sent to Microsoft to help track sample usage. To opt-out of this data collection, you can remove the block of code in Main.cpp labeled Sample Usage Telemetry.

For more information about Microsoft's privacy policies in general, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


This project may contain trademarks or logos for projects, products, or services. Authorized use of Microsoft trademarks or logos is subject to and must follow Microsoft's Trademark & Brand Guidelines. Use of Microsoft trademarks or logos in modified versions of this project must not cause confusion or imply Microsoft sponsorship. Any use of third-party trademarks or logos are subject to those third-party's policies.

Other Samples

For more ATG samples, see DirectML-Samples, PlayFab-Samples, and Xbox-LIVE-Samples.