Bitcoin Mining software that drives be the Antminer S1 hashing boards directly via UART
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Mighty Miner

Bitcoin Mining software that drives the Antminer S1 hashing boards directly via UART

Detailed Description

Detailed description of the BM1380 Hashing IC operation:


Software consists of:

  • Stratum Client (getting data needed to generate mining jobs, submitting mining results)
  • Mining Job Generator (generates mining jobs from the information provided by Stratum Client
  • BM1380 Miner (communication with mining chips, scheduling work, feching the results)
  • Mining Results Validator (checking if mining results meet the difficuly of the mining pool)

All modules are written using bi-directional streams (Stream.Duplex).


Make sure that you enter proper stratum pool credentials and miners serial port name in the index.js


  1. Install dependencies npm install
  2. Connect the hashing board (please see for details)
  3. Set up the configuration in file index.js: set COM port name in minerParams and your pool credentials in stratumConnectionParams
  4. Run the miner node index.js

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