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  1. Simple library for dealing with HID USB devices in C#

    C# 58 29

  2. C# library for communicating with STM32 USART (UART) On-Chip Bootloaders, comes with simple Updater application, just to show the potential :)

    C# 55 31

  3. Bitcoin Mining software that drives be the Antminer S1 hashing boards directly via UART

    JavaScript 37 7

  4. Nixie Clock based on IN-12 Nixies

    C 29 5

  5. DSITx Public

    FPGA implementation of DSITx (single lane) used in conjunction with ipod nano 7th gen display

    Verilog 17 5

  6. Simple script for decoding data from FSK transmitter recorded by RTL-SDR

    Python 15 4


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