Cake AddIn that extends Cake with VsixSignTool
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A Cake AddIn that extends Cake with VsixSignTool. NuGet


  • 1.2.0:

    • Cake 0.28 or later

    • BREAKING change: VSIX tool is now decoupled from adding, you have to add it manually to cake script, like

      #tool nuget:?package=Microsoft.VSSDK.Vsixsigntool

  • 1.0.0: Latest package is referencing Cake 0.22 or later.

Including addin

Including addin in cake script is easy.

#addin "Cake.VsixSignTool"


To use the addin just add it to Cake call the aliases and configure any settings you want.

#tool nuget:?package=Microsoft.VSSDK.Vsixsigntool
#addin "Cake.VsixSignTool"
    .Does(() => 
        VsixSignToolSign(new VsixSignToolSignSettings { 
            File = "test.pfx", 
            Hash="...some hash",
            Password = "PASSWORD"

Either string or FilePath can be used to pass target files.

General Notes

This is an initial version and not tested thoroughly. Contributions welcome.

Works only on Windows unless VsixSignTool isn't ported to other OSes.

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