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Class library for working with tabular data, especially CSV files

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C# project for reading and writing CSVs

Libaries for easy reading, writing, and manipulation of CSV files. Is able to handle:

  • Linq
  • Creating tables from IEnumerable<T>
  • Dictionaries
  • In-memory mutable tables
  • Streaming through large tables.

It's an easier data table than System.Data.DataTable.

The following nuget packages are available:

A few quick examples:

Download as CsvTools from Nuget to include in your C# project:

using DataAccess;
var dt = DataTable.New.ReadCsv(filename); // load a CSV from disk

Linq against the rows:

var y = from row in dt.Rows where row["N"] == "3" select row["NSquared"];

Linq with strongly-typed parsing, using RowAs<T>() method:

class Entry
  public int N { get; set; }
  public int NSquared { get; set; }
int y = (from row in dt.RowsAs<Entry>() where row.N == 3 select row.NSquared).First();

Create a table around an IEnumerable and then save back as a CSV:

var x = from i in Enumerable.Range(1, 5) select new { N = i, NSquared = i * i };
DataTable dt = DataTable.New.FromEnumerable(x);
dt.SaveToStream(Console.Out); // write back out as a CSV

Also includes support for reading an excel file (.xlsx):

var dt = DataTable.New.ReadExcel(@"c:\temp\foo.xlsx");
var names = from row in dt.Rows where int.Parse(row["age"]) > 10 select row["Name"];

See here for more about reading excel.

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