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WikiSummary gives command line users a way to read summaries of wikipedia articles in their command line. Whether you're a dev that just wants a reminder of what an invariant is or simply bored of browsing reddit and instead wants to read an indefinite amount of summaries of wikipedia articles.

How to use

First, clone the repository,
git clone

Second, change current working directory into the cloned repository
cd WikiSummary

Third, download all the dependencies using pip
pip install -r requirements.txt

Lastly, use python to use WikiSummary

  1. python -r Beyonce : To read a specific wikipedia article
  2. python -R 5: To read 5 random wikipedia articles
  3. python -rf: To read an indefinite amount of random wikipedia articles until the user types stop
  4. python -h: For help

Alt text


Have python 3.5 installed, along with pip.

How to contribute

There are a lot of bugs in this simple program and a lot of improvements can be made. You can help me submitting a pull request and reporting issues.