Feature rich AS3 file management tool.
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AssetLibrary - file management tool. (Preloading, unloading, storing in local storadge )

Features :

  • manages asset using assetId

    • support file definition.
    • support path definition for easer management of files in same folders.
    • support group definition, an array of files. (used for group pre-loading or unloading)
    • in XML : paths can be nested in groups, or groups can be nested in paths.
  • files has these properties :

    • id
    • file name and path
    • file type can be defined if not standard file extension is used.
    • urlParams can be added for version control.
    • files can be permanent or temporal. Permanent files can be downloaded only once, can't be unloaded, and only permanent files can be instantly retrieved.
  • allows to add files in 2 ways: dynamic with code, load from XML.

  • allows 2 ways of getting files: instant, send to handling function.

  • permanent file protection can be removed. (not recommended)

  • it's possible to pre-load single or group of files. (with progress tracking)

  • it's possible to unload single or group of files.

  • all errors are handled through one function. It can be changed to custom function.

  • allows to use local object as file storadge mechanizm.

  • Supported files:

    • swf
    • jpg, png, gif
    • mp3
    • xml
  • control over amount of simultaneous loads.

  • allows to set time for asset to expire automatical. (time for asset to be removed from cashe) {in progress}

In plans.

*xml stored as object.