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Learn Jetpack Compose for Android by Examples. Learn how to use Jetpack Compose for Android App Development. Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI.

MindOrks Connect with us Open Source Love License

About this project:

  • If you want to get started with Jetpack Compose for Android Development and wants to master it, then this project is for you.
  • Common use-cases of Jetpack Compose in Android has been implemented in this project.
  • This is your one-stop solution for learning Jetpack Compose for Android Development.

Steps to learn Jetpack Compose by examples from this project

  • Just clone, build, run the project and start learning Jetpack Compose by examples.

This Jetpack Compose Example Project will help you in learning the following for Android App Development:

  • How to build UI using Jetpack Compose in Android?
  • How to display a Text and apply various styles on a Text?
  • How to display a TextField(EditText) and apply various styles on it?
  • How to use the Preview and PreviewParameter feature offered by Android Studio?
  • Learn how to use various layouts such as Column, ScrollableColumn, LazyColumn, Row, ScrollableRow, LazyRow, Box, Stack, and ConstraintLayout in Jetpack Compose?
  • Learn the usage of Clickable in Jetpack Compose with the help of examples.
  • How to use Buttons, Card, Images, AlertDialog, Single Choice Dialog in Jetpack Compose?
  • Through Jetpack Compose tutorial, you will learn various Material Design UI elements such as BottomAppBar, TopAppBar, BottomNavigation, Checkbox, CircularProgressIndicator, LinearProgressIndicator, RadioButton, Slider, Snackbar, and Switch.
  • Learn how to make Custom Views in Jetpack Compose?
  • How to add animation such as Crossfade and Shape Rotation in Jetpack Compose?

Jetpack Compose Examples for Android Development:

Project Directory Structure

└── com.mindorks.example.jetpack.compose/
    ├── animation/
    │   ├── CrossFadeAnimationActivity.kt
    │   └── ShapeRotationActivity.kt
    ├── button/
    │   └── MaterialButtonActivity.kt
    ├── card/
    │   └── CardExampleActivity.kt
    ├── clickable/
    │   └── ClickableExampleActivity.kt
    ├── customview/
    │   └── CustomViewActivity.kt
    ├── data/
    │   └── Blog.kt
    ├── dialog/
    │   ├── AlertDialogActivity.kt
    │   └── SingleChoiceDialogActivity.kt
    ├── image/
    │   └── ImageActivity.kt
    ├── layout/
    │   ├── BoxActivity.kt
    │   ├── ColumnActivity.kt
    │   ├── ConstraintLayoutActivity.kt
    │   ├── LazyColumnActivity.kt
    │   ├── LazyRowActivity.kt
    │   ├── RowActivity.kt
    │   ├── ScrollableColumnActivity.kt
    │   ├── ScrollableRowActivity.kt
    │   └── StackActivity.kt
    ├── materialdesign/
    │   ├── MaterialAppBarActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialBottomNavigationActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialCheckBoxActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialProgressActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialRadioButtonActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialSliderActivity.kt
    │   ├── MaterialSnackbarActivity.kt
    │   └── MaterialSwitchActivity.kt
    ├── preview/
    │   ├── DummyBlogProvider
    │   ├── PreviewParameterActivity.kt
    │   └── SimplePreviewActivity.kt
    ├── text/
    │   ├── SimpleTextActivity.kt
    │   ├── TextFieldActivity.kt
    │   └── TextStylingActivity.kt
    ├── ui/
    │   ├── Color.kt
    │   ├── Shape.kt
    │   ├── Theme.kt
    │   └── Type.kt
    └── MainActivity.kt

References useful during learning the Jetpack Compose for Android from this project

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   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
   You may obtain a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
   limitations under the License.

Contributing to Jetpack Compose Android Examples

Just make pull request. You are in!


Learn Jetpack Compose for Android by Examples. Learn how to use Jetpack Compose for Android App Development. Android’s modern toolkit for building native UI.








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