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Associazione MindsHub

Associazione di Promozione Sociale MindsHub

Hi 👋, We are MindsHub

We are an Italian Non-profit Association.

👨‍💻 All projects are available at

📫 How to reach us: info[at]

Connect with us: ucovvk_auow3uuxeurdvk1ga

Popular repositories

  1. insigno_frontend insigno_frontend Public

    Insigno makes keeping your city clean enjoyable and inspiring!

    Dart 12

  2. insigno_backend insigno_backend Public

    Rust 5

  3. crop-detection crop-detection Public

    A model trained to detect crops and vegetation in images of vegetable-gardens

    PureBasic 2

  4. seguistrada seguistrada Public

    A road radius detector

    C++ 1

  5. cyberorto cyberorto Public

    An autonomous farming robot built by MindsHub

    Rust 1 1

  6. lezioni-rust lezioni-rust Public

    imparare le basi di rust



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