Version 0.19.0

@psi29a psi29a released this Mar 26, 2016 · 114 commits to master since this release

Now with more cowbell!

Version 0.19

  • Rivers and grayscale_heightmaps are generated as PNG images, filenames no longer have to be provided.
  • The grayscale_heightmap is now stored as a proper 16 bit grayscale PNG.
  • Modified color elevation routines so that depressions are still represented as land instead of ocean and heights are normalied.
  • Speed of generation increased by almost a factor of 3 (due to update to Platec and making heavy use of numpy).
  • World-generation is now deterministic, i.e. generation is 100% reproducible.
  • Added support for exporting heightmaps using libgdal (see for possible formats).
  • Added the ability to modify temperature and humidity ranges as well as the temperature/precipitation curve.
  • Added the ability to generate scatter plots showing temperature and humidity of all terrestrial cells.
  • Added small variations to the temperature-map based on basic orbital parameters.
  • Added a satellite-like view of the world.
  • Added support to save/load worlds in/from HDF5-format.
  • Removed support for saving/loading worlds in/from pickle-format.