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Pearcel Mod

Table of Contents


Pearcel Mod is a mod made by MiningMark48 and Codyrule040 that is designed to add items and blocks designed around the Pearcel item for a fun, joyful time in Minecraft.


This project is under a custom license.

Article I - Definitions

  • a. Owner: The current owner is MiningMark48 and is the only to which can change the License.
  • b. Licensed Material: This license covers all of which is defined by the project; including, but not limited to, code, art, and sounds.

Article II - Terms

  • a. You have the ability to view the code and art.
  • b. You have the ability to use portions of the code if you wish.
  • c. Any art or sound material is not for public use unless otherwise stated.
  • d. You may not redistribute this project by no means, only to which you may provide a link to the official download page.
  • e. You may include this in your private and/or public mod pack, downloads must come from the official download page.

Article III - Contributions

  • a. You have the ability to submit and offer contributions such as code or textures.
  • b. Any contributions made are submitted to this license but are however for the public domain.

Mod Packs

You are welcome to use this mod in your mod pack as long as credit is provided. Doing so, please review our license.

Example of giving credit: Pearcel Mod by MiningMark48


If any issues are found within this mod, they can be posted on the issue tracker, which can be found here.


  • MiningMark48 for code, textures.
  • Codyrule040 for textures.
  • SomewhatInfinite for textures.
  • Community for support and ideas.

Thank You

Thank you to the community for making Pearcel Mod what it is today. I never expected so many people to enjoy it and like it for what it is. The joy it brings you will never match the joy that is brought when I hear someone say they enjoy this mod. I truly appreciate how far everyone has brought this mod.

Thanks Again, MiningMark48.