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ContactManager Demo


SinglePageApp Demo with

How to execute UnitTests?

To execute UnitTests with testacular (preferred):

cd ContactManager.Web
testacular start testacular-unit.conf.js

You can also use Chuzpah to execute UnitTests within Visual Studio.

INFO: It is currently not possible to exclude tests in Chuzpah, so the Plugin tries to executes the e2e tests which will fail.

What about Code Coverage?

Done with testacular and istanbul integration. When ever you execute the UnitTests with testacular you get Code Coverage in html Format in the "coverage" folder.

How to execute e2e Tests?

More on e2e testing can be found here

Build the Web Application in "Integration" Configuration and start the WebServer (CTRL-F5 / F5)

cd ContactManager.Web
testacular start testacular-e2e.conf.js

To run e2e Tests in your browser open your favorite browser and open http://localhost:20943/Scripts/tests/e2e/runner.html