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Pulling everything out of the global namespace and putting most everything inside of prototypes so we can separate the code out into being more like an object that we all know and love. Should be easier to maintain than spaghetti code down the road.

Oohhhh shiiiiit!

I gotta test this out some more, but if this works, you are a fucking wizard. Sawwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


I know that this breaks one of the golden rules of open source (work inside of the coding style already set in the project), but I figure if this grows at all, which this seems to have enough interest, that it would just keep getting out of hand, and by setting up some sort of structure now, we can help other contributors in the future know how to work inside of the project.

If people don't have interest in this format, we should probably talk about other directions we can go. If you do like this format, even though there are a lot more changes that need to be made to put it in line (like cleaning up the spritzify function) please give a thumbs up to this...

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Rawgithub Replacement #13

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+1, this is definitely the way to go. was going to suggest it, but looks like you beat me to it


I'd like to hear from @Miserlou if this is something he is interested in. With all of the changes that happened since this pull request, it isn't in a state to pull and I'm willing to put more work into it to get it back up to par and even clean it up more, but I'd like to know if this is the direction we should be going.

Yes, I really think that's the right way.

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